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#FallingUnicorns: Reason for failure of Startups

Brand strategist & trademark patent attorney in India

The SIMPLE reason for failure of #Startups across the globe is that they don’t build a STRONG Intellectual Property Portfolio.

Hire a #Brandstrategist #IPattorney WHO can identify the gaps in the business at the inception stage #FallingUnicorns

Defining Your Startup Idea by penning down your thoughts * Can I apply for  Patents?
  • Write down your business idea.
  • Talk to a patent attorney who can apply for a patent.
  • Understand what types of inventions can be patented.
  • Understand what cannot be patented.
  • Determine the type of patent, and/or industrial design you need to protect your invention.

How do I get a patent on my idea?

How can I sell my invention?

How do I invent my idea?

#Askpatentexpert all your business questions

 Ten things I learned about running a Business Startup in India *Healthcare Mobile Applications #godigital from Prity Khastgir IPR Strategic Indian Patent Attorney Amplify Branding

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