Indian Patent Agent Examination Coaching 2018 by Indian Patent Attorney
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Future is Today is Innovate #Benerd #DollarMind

Glory to be ahead of time is the QUESTION on the Intellectual Mind where rate of innovation is very high !!

Future is Today is Innovate, what is haptic, what is a haptic,device history of haptics

Where is omni-channel strategy heading in India. Business Wars are heating up the Indian Soil more than ever. Never in the history since the witness of Independent India one could dream the inflow of fiat currency in the virtual world.

What is the orbit of doing online internet business?

Since Bigdata is becoming the new mining oil to map the human mind to create virtual creatures just like the user, I believe humanity is entering a phase which will encounter results never known to mankind. One interesting fact out of the acquisition is the brand Future in terms of registered trademarks. After all the vision of seeing the future in present is able to gain traction and good revenue model. Wishing Mr. Biyani allthebest for this success.

Who is your shareholder and how you sink your thoughts with your stakeholder?

Exciting time to see that India is attaining global eyeballs !!

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