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Get Software Patents in India #BeStreetSmart #AIFIRST

How to Get Software Patent in India? Decision Making velocity

What is a Software Patent in Industry 4 ERA?

Identifying opportunities and writing source codes to solve massive problems and make life easy leads to build any sequence of fact to create something exciting and different.


India’s ranking in the World Bank ease of doing business survey for 2018 climbed a record 30 notches to 100 as a range of regulatory and policy reforms put in place by the Union and state governments over the past four years have started delivering results.

The Key Speakers will be individually sharing their insightful and compelling views on recent reforms including:  Indian Economic Reforms focusing on improving business climate and productivity  New Companies Act  Make In India  Digital India  GST & De-monetisation  Removal of sectoral investment limits  Re-capitalisation of Public Sector Banks

#5GFifthgenerationwirelessmodule technology for digital cellular networks

Under the Indian patent laws, although source code, and abstract ideas are not patentable one needs to take an important note. Note making is an art to create and build additional indicators. Many patents are granted in Industry 4 ERA in #BlockchainasaService aka source code,  and abstract ideas is not patentable under Indian laws.

However, patents are registered and granted for technology advancements in the field of computer related inventions (AI, ML, #AIfirst, source code tools, internet of things or IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, data processing).

After penning down a strong patent specification, when the patent application is filed in India before patent office, the patent office examines the patent claims to determine if the claimed invention possesses hardware modules to define scope of invention.

While writing patent claims, it is useful to incorporate physical constructional features aka elements, components, such as, processing units, terminals, handheld devices, and apparatus.

To further address such concerns of patent examiner, the practical applications of the claimed invention are highlighted in the patent application, i.e. describing how the invention is able to solve the problems more efficiently as compared to existing solutions. In addition, the patent draft also focuses on technical advances proposed by the claimed invention, which are absent in existing solutions.


12:30 PM – 1:10 PM: Session III –The Blockchain Eco-system

The Blockchain ecosystem has seen an enormous evolution since its inception: over a dozen alternative cryptocurrencies presently hold market capitalizations at or above $1 billion, while the total market cap for the space as a whole sits at well over $100 billion. They are about enabling new channels to power small business growth, employee payroll networks, B2B and D2C transactions, as well as equity and debt financing.

As the global cryptopowered ecosystem is uniquely positioned to reshape the way we transact business and interact in the global commercial market, the panel of experts will delve into:  How Banking may be disrupted by Fintech Start-Ups  Future of Crypto-enabled marketplace in India  Regulatory Concerns  Need for Policy Framework for monitoring and taxing Key Speakers  Mr. Vijay Rajit, Group Chairman – Integra Alliance  Mr. Anirudh Rastogi, Managing Partner – TRA Law (Moderator)  Mr. Aditya Tiwari, Partner – New Delhi Law Offices  Ms. Prity Khastgir, Founder and CEO – Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS, India), Chief of Legal and Compliance – Mobiuz, Singapore  Mr. Anil K. Antony, Executive Director – India – Cyber India

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