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Patenting Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain Patent Attorney BenchMarking Industry 4.0

How Blockchain #innovation landscape is unleashed to achieve the #SDGs to structure different components software, hardware and radio waves?

Deployment of Bigdata infrastructure in Industry 4.0 being redefined to understand #cybersecurity. #SaaS, cloud platforms, and telecommunications technologies are gaining momentum to deploy IoTs in 5G network.

Prity is a blockchain patent attorney working closely with the engineering team, & design product team globally.

Prity is currently engaging with global AI community through ITU and work closely with AI researchers, developers building AI products, new age robots, data scientists, and innovative technology entrepreneurs in awesome startups and large enterprises.

Recently, Prity was one of the international speakers at a webinar focused on Empowering Women in Cybersecurity, and the panel of speakers addressed challenges women face in the field of cybersecurity as well as changes that need to be made in order to support retention and inclusivity. Discussing current initiatives, future plans, and areas for growth across all sectors and entities, panellists expanded upon how mentorships, inclusive cultures, and building strong networks contribute to success. 

Relational blockchain database based patents are being registered in recent days for infrastructure sharing. A user relational blockchain database innovation includes a set of system-defined user blockchains and user-defined blockchains. The set of system-defined user blockchains includes metadata and other parameters.

How to #compute depth deploying new age technology?

Light Detection and Ranging System is an #optical remote #sensing technology capable of measuring a distance to, or other properties of, an object, by illuminating the object with a pulse of light in the ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared spectrum from a light source (e.g., a laser).
Deployment of this technology is enables collection of depth information in different directions

object P at t1 is P1,t1(X1,t1, Y1,t1), where
X1,t1=XA,t1+L1sin(ØA+θ1) (1)
Y1,t1=YA,t1+L1cos(ØA+θ1) (2)

#AIfirst #100DaysOfMLCode #100DaysOfCode #askpatentexpert #LIDAR

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