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Creating a new normal reality for the user in computational world is like creating experiences to build meaningful peer-to-peer consensus-driven products. In the current wave, a number of open source community-based projects with a common goal of building a decentralized blockchain-based platform for distributed applications is coming to reality for deployment of ICTs and Iots based applications.

Novel technologies are leveraging blockchain technologies to build a full-featured application platform to serve end-consumers.

Globally, stakeholders are reviewing and revolutionising ways and means to #RediscoverInnovation to create jobs to revive economy. Stakeholders include governments, business entities and individuals as nodes in the online world who are enablers to perceive and deal with economy, e-services and digital transformation in true sense.

Understanding importance of Intellectual Property Rights becomes all the more important to create legal fencing to grow bit sized businesses. With rise in digital adoption branding and trademarks become step number one to kick start any venture.

Victory Checkpoint

How well your trademark attorney aka trademark lawyer is able to write and describe your business venture decides your business fate in many ways. Therefore, it becomes very important for any venture to collaborate with right Indian trademark attorney.

Illustrative Example of TRADEMARK Classification

Reproductions of sound and video in electronic and digital form, namely, musical sound recordings and musical video recordings featuring live musical performances, band and musician interviews, and motion picture films featuring music documentaries downloadable from remote computers, on-line databases, facilities provided on the Internet and websites; music, sounds images, text and information, all relating to music, entertainers, performers, entertainment products, entertainment services and music-related products, namely, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, and digital music downloadable from the Internet featuring live musical performances, band and musician interviews, and motion picture films featuring music documentaries downloadable from telecommunications networks, wireless networks, by online delivery and by way of the Internet and the world wide web; pre-recorded electronic sound, ….

Image and data storage media, namely, CDs, CD-ROMS, digital disks, digital video disks, downloadable media files and downloadable video files featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances, band interviews, motion picture films featuring music documentaries, live musical concerts and musician interviews; MP3s, high resolution digital and similar digital formats featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances and band interviews downloadable from Internet web sites; computer software for playing music, recording music and music production; computer programs for playing music, recording music and music production; multimedia software, namely, CDs, CD-ROMS, digital disks, digital video discs and DVD-ROMS for playing music, recording music and music production; digital media, namely, CDs, digital disks, digital video discs, downloadable audio files and downloadable video files featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances, band interviews, motion picture films featuring music documentaries, live musical concerts and musician interviews; computer software for securing digital content; computer programs for managing communications and data exchange relating to music, audio and visual data; multimedia software for downloading music, audio and visual data; CDs and digital video discs featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances, band interviews, motion picture films featuring music documentaries, live musical concerts and musician interviews; audio tapes and booklets sold as a unit featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances and band interviews; pre-recorded vinyl phonograph records featuring music, musical sound recordings, concerts, live musical performances and band interviews; sound and video recordings on corresponding recording carriers, namely, musical sound recordings and musical video recordings featuring music, concerts, live musical performances, band interviews, motion picture films featuring music documentaries, live musical concerts, and musician interviews; audio and video cassettes featuring music, musical sound recordings, musical video recordings, concerts, live musical performances, band interviews, motion picture films featuring music documentaries, live musical concerts and musician interviews; downloadable electronic articles about music, all online via a global computer network, for the benefit of membership of an entertainment club; downloadable podcasts in the field of music.

Technology implementation and deployment in ICTs, IoTs, AI, and VR is gaining momentum. Networks are becoming seamless and video streaming is the new normal. Patented technologies are being deployed in such a way that it has the scalability and flexibility to cater to inflating traffic. One such domain study is traffic engineering playing a vital role in optimizing IP-MPLS networks by redirecting traffic through the most efficient routes.

Bottlenecks should be identified and re-training them to channelise new skillset is key.

VR, AR, MR and What Does Immersion Technology Actually Mean?

One such technology is 3D mixed reality. In simple scheme of things, displaying 3D virtual model data together with 2D real-world image data or 3D real-world image data or for displaying 2D virtual model data together with 3D real-world image data, e.g. real volume data. 3D mixed reality is a combination of 3D augmented reality and 3D augmented virtuality.

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Patenting Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain Patent Attorney BenchMarking Industry 4.0

How Blockchain #innovation landscape is unleashed to achieve the #SDGs to structure different components software, hardware and radio waves?

Deployment of Bigdata infrastructure in Industry 4.0 being redefined to understand #cybersecurity. #SaaS, cloud platforms, and telecommunications technologies are gaining momentum to deploy IoTs in 5G network.

Prity is a blockchain patent attorney working closely with the engineering team, & design product team globally.

Prity is currently engaging with global AI community through ITU and work closely with AI researchers, developers building AI products, new age robots, data scientists, and innovative technology entrepreneurs in awesome startups and large enterprises.

Recently, Prity was one of the international speakers at a webinar focused on Empowering Women in Cybersecurity, and the panel of speakers addressed challenges women face in the field of cybersecurity as well as changes that need to be made in order to support retention and inclusivity. Discussing current initiatives, future plans, and areas for growth across all sectors and entities, panellists expanded upon how mentorships, inclusive cultures, and building strong networks contribute to success. 

Relational blockchain database based patents are being registered in recent days for infrastructure sharing. A user relational blockchain database innovation includes a set of system-defined user blockchains and user-defined blockchains. The set of system-defined user blockchains includes metadata and other parameters.

How to #compute depth deploying new age technology?

Light Detection and Ranging System is an #optical remote #sensing technology capable of measuring a distance to, or other properties of, an object, by illuminating the object with a pulse of light in the ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared spectrum from a light source (e.g., a laser).
Deployment of this technology is enables collection of depth information in different directions

object P at t1 is P1,t1(X1,t1, Y1,t1), where
X1,t1=XA,t1+L1sin(ØA+θ1) (1)
Y1,t1=YA,t1+L1cos(ØA+θ1) (2)

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Get Software Patents in India #BeStreetSmart #AIFIRST

How to Get Software Patent in India? Decision Making velocity

What is a Software Patent in Industry 4 ERA?

Identifying opportunities and writing source codes to solve massive problems and make life easy leads to build any sequence of fact to create something exciting and different.


India’s ranking in the World Bank ease of doing business survey for 2018 climbed a record 30 notches to 100 as a range of regulatory and policy reforms put in place by the Union and state governments over the past four years have started delivering results.

The Key Speakers will be individually sharing their insightful and compelling views on recent reforms including:  Indian Economic Reforms focusing on improving business climate and productivity  New Companies Act  Make In India  Digital India  GST & De-monetisation  Removal of sectoral investment limits  Re-capitalisation of Public Sector Banks

#5GFifthgenerationwirelessmodule technology for digital cellular networks

Under the Indian patent laws, although source code, and abstract ideas are not patentable one needs to take an important note. Note making is an art to create and build additional indicators. Many patents are granted in Industry 4 ERA in #BlockchainasaService aka source code,  and abstract ideas is not patentable under Indian laws.

However, patents are registered and granted for technology advancements in the field of computer related inventions (AI, ML, #AIfirst, source code tools, internet of things or IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, data processing).

After penning down a strong patent specification, when the patent application is filed in India before patent office, the patent office examines the patent claims to determine if the claimed invention possesses hardware modules to define scope of invention.

While writing patent claims, it is useful to incorporate physical constructional features aka elements, components, such as, processing units, terminals, handheld devices, and apparatus.

To further address such concerns of patent examiner, the practical applications of the claimed invention are highlighted in the patent application, i.e. describing how the invention is able to solve the problems more efficiently as compared to existing solutions. In addition, the patent draft also focuses on technical advances proposed by the claimed invention, which are absent in existing solutions.


12:30 PM – 1:10 PM: Session III –The Blockchain Eco-system

The Blockchain ecosystem has seen an enormous evolution since its inception: over a dozen alternative cryptocurrencies presently hold market capitalizations at or above $1 billion, while the total market cap for the space as a whole sits at well over $100 billion. They are about enabling new channels to power small business growth, employee payroll networks, B2B and D2C transactions, as well as equity and debt financing.

As the global cryptopowered ecosystem is uniquely positioned to reshape the way we transact business and interact in the global commercial market, the panel of experts will delve into:  How Banking may be disrupted by Fintech Start-Ups  Future of Crypto-enabled marketplace in India  Regulatory Concerns  Need for Policy Framework for monitoring and taxing Key Speakers  Mr. Vijay Rajit, Group Chairman – Integra Alliance  Mr. Anirudh Rastogi, Managing Partner – TRA Law (Moderator)  Mr. Aditya Tiwari, Partner – New Delhi Law Offices  Ms. Prity Khastgir, Founder and CEO – Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS, India), Chief of Legal and Compliance – Mobiuz, Singapore  Mr. Anil K. Antony, Executive Director – India – Cyber India

Big data strategist , Data Strategy Best Practices, Digital Data Strategist
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Big Data Strategist for Identifying Pain Points

Big Data Strategist For Technology Research Companies

Big data strategist , Data Strategy Best Practices, Digital Data Strategist

The best part of the enormous #bigdata is the analysis of the data in a manner which can act as a fuel to impact other business models. The need of the hour is to enrich and fortify the #bigdata in a manner which becomes resourceful to make critical decisions in board meetings.

Prity is a Big data strategist for technology research consortium. With an hawk eye approach Prity is able to identify real-time technology developments. She believes in working in holistic view to identify licensing opportunities which are tailored to the need of Industry 4 Era.

Recently, Prity was part of  “4th Annual Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference: supporting ITU Asia-Pacific Regional Initiative on Spectrum Management” where she took keen interest in underlying principles of policy making in spectrum. Spectrum in the airwave of 700 MHz is going to play a crucial role for IoT based innovations in Industry 4.0 era.The event was supported by Forum Global alongwith Ministry of Sciency and ICT (MSIT) Republic of Korea, and aimed to bring together senior level staff from policy makers, regulators, Industry and academia for discussions on key spectrum management issues, including but not limited to:

  • Spectrum for IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Enabling efficient spectrum Management for IMT-Advanced spectrum
  • Meeting the IMT-2020 spectrum requirements of today and in future
  • WRC-19 – regional planning and preparations
  • Economic issues related to Spectrum
  • Delivering the digital economy through development national connectivity plans.

The Audacious move in the #SpectrumAuction is going to be different in near future. After the overview she had at #AsiaSpectrum Prity thinks and of the opine that there is lot to learn from our neighbours especially Bhutan.

Definitely airwave in the 700 MHz will be in demand.

The challenge is what will be the right price for a democratic country like India. The #Indiangovernment has to align the right approach to have a good consortium with the #telecomplayersinIndia

Big Data Scientist, Big Data Strategist, Policy Technology Research

Big data is definitely hot cake nowadays. One should not forget the food industry which has lot of potential and market in India. Finger foods and snacks will be funded by more investors in days to come. Congratulations to #Kishlayfoods who just raised USD 15 million to extend and launch more innovative products in near future in India. The current snack market in India is roughly about USD 8 billion. According to CAGR, the growth rate in this sector can be 20 % which I think is incredible #askpatentexpert #funding #innovationcoach

The analysis of Big data in technology research is going to play key role to provide new technical intelligence for innovation research in AI, ML, and Blockchain in Industry 4 era.

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Blockchain Backed Technologies Aim to Solve Current Problems !!

Filing Patents is Just one Part of the Pie to run successful ventures. Intention of a business model should be to ease the current way of performing an act to provide customers seamless experience.

Blockchain patent lawyer working in 5G patents internationally. Blockchain patent filing in India.

Happy to discuss opportunities with like minded MNC corporates who are clueless what to do with #bigdataminingoil #bigdatastrategist #innovation #technology #business #education

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When will the patent agent exam be held in 2018, in India?

Power of Developing Intellectual Creativity #IndianPatentAgent2018

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2018 has been very resourceful and the world has witnessed global shift in INNOVATION and DISRUPTION

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights Globally Understanding Intellectual Property Rights Globally


The time has come to use your creativity to solve the mystery of creative minds.

Intellectual Property field is a field of infinite horizon capabilities.

The sad story in INDIA is Education System is totally BROKEN

The need of the hour is to work out a model to activate the GENIUS HIDDEN TALENT within the masses.

MY Mandate is simple to work with Intellectual MINDS which will Increase the Learning Curves of the Individuals

Join US in this revolution and add the Intellectual flame of interest in your life to light up creativity of inventors or “GENIUS GURU” in discovering your true potential in understanding inventions and Intellectual Property Rights.

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Just like the Software Programs (“Genes”) tell the brain to operate (How to process information) to achieve a Certain Goal.

Likewise, do you want to register yourself at Indian Patent office to become the Program (Genes) to assist the brain (Inventor) on how to draft and obtain patent for their invention?

Before actually channeling oneself into this, one has to quality the INDIAN PATENT AGENT EXAM.

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Aspiring individuals who want to become INDIAN PATENT AGENT 2018, you have to meet certain requirements to appear for the examination before the Indian Patent Office.

Nagpur Intellectual Property Patent Training 2018 #askpatentexpert #indianpatentagenttraining2018


You are eligible to become the patent agent in INDIA, if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Should be a citizen of India
  2. Should have attained minimum 21 years at the time of exam.
  3. To impart technical knowledge and skills, one should have obtained a degree in Science, engineering, or technology (M.Tech, B.Tech, M.Sc. and B.Sc) from any established university under Indian law or other specified equivalent qualification under central government .
  4. The final year candidates also are eligible on producing the mark sheets, final degree, etc., within two months from Patent Agent exam declaration result which they are appearing for.


After passing major hurdle just as in relay race “Patent Agent Examination”, one may apply for registering their name in the register of Patent Agent by making an application on Form-22 along with the following documents and prescribed fees as per the schedule. (Patents Act 1970 and Rules 2003 ( As Amended), see Section 126, Rule 109(1), 111 and 112.)

  1. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 3200
  2. For physical filling: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 3500

For continuance of the name of a person in the register of patent agents—

(i) for the 1st year to be paid along with registration :

  1. For e-filing : The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 800
  2. For physical filing: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 800

(ii) for every year excluding the 1st year to be paid on the 1st April in each year:

  1. For e-filing : The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 880
  2. For physical filing: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 880.

After receiving the application along with the fee, the Controller will register his or her name in the register of Patent Agent and issue them a certificate

The patent agent should carry following particulars at the time of registeration:

  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. Original Character certificate duly attested.
  3.  Two Specimen Signatures.
  4. Attested copy of degree in Science, Engineering or Technology.
  5. Attested copy of document evidencing date of birth.
  6. Attested copy of document (evidencing citizenship)
  7. Copy of Result showing respective roll nos.

On application for duplicate certificate of patent agent under rule 111A,

a. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 1600

b. For physical filling:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup :1750

On application for restoration of the name of a person in the register of patent agents under rule 117(1)

a. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 1600 (Plus continuation fee under entry number 34)

b. For physical filling:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup :1750 ((Plus continuation fee under entry number 34)

Do you WANT to be an experienced patent lawyer/attorney or IP expert in India.

TCIS is facilitating the process of training GENIUS minds to work in intellectual property (especially patents). 

Tech Corp International strategist (TCIS), India is providing professional training course and course material in Patent Law and Practice for the aspiring aspirants who are appearing for Indian Patent Agent Examination 2018, to obtain qualifications necessary to practice as a Patent Agent under the Patent Act and Rules.

Ask your Patent Agent queries by using hashtag #askpatentexpert on twitter.

  • Everything YOU need to know about Intellectual Property Rights
  • Can I get a patent for my idea in India & Asia?
  • What is the scope of the intellectual property law in India & Asia?
  • Can I patent a business model in India & Asia?

Is it possible to file a patent for a business idea in India & Asia?

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Monsanto Plea to Enforce BT Cotton Seed Patent

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India is a population of 1.35 billion people. I personally believe we need to draw a line as to what is the best price for #Monsanto technology sub-licence fees. The intent of Monsanto was to charge a higher trait fee under the sub-licence given to the Indian companies to use its seed technology.

Draw a line as to what is the best price for #Monsanto technology sub-licence fee

Any technology company entering India should see the holistic picture and see the quantity of its outreach to the mass population.

According to the judgement, the three Indian companies would pay trait fees to Monsanto according to government-set rates. #goodjudgement #Iamimpressed


how to start branding yourself

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Innovations utilizing Haptic technology

haptics technology, haptic technology examples, haptic technology ppt, “Haptics”- The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something that result from any form of interaction involving touch or the sense of touch. With the aim to recreate the sense of touch via a haptic device, haptic technology has opened up a myriad of possibilities from vibrating cell phones that alert you to an incoming message or call, to smart watches, wristbands, virtual reality training simulators, implantable devices that produce feedback and even in robotic surgeries.

Haptic devices incorporate microcontrollers, drivers, actuators or motors, as well as software for multimodal experiences that improve the usability by engaging touch, sound and sight. Haptics is widely becoming a tool used in a variety of applications they can be found in virtual reality applications to give a greater sense of realism or create a 3D environment. The haptic technology has been found in smartphones and computer and video games for many years but the innovations utilizing haptic technology is now integrating haptic technology into healthcare, transportation, robotics etc.  

Some of the recent patents based on haptic technology:

1.US 9829995

Title: Eye tracking to move the cursor within view of a pilot

Assignee: Rockwell Collins, Inc. (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2017


The present disclosure is directed to a method for managing a location of a cursor on a display. The method may include the step of receiving an input from a user. The method may also include the step of detecting a gaze of the user within the display. The method may also include the step of displaying the cursor on the display within the gaze of the user.

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Assignee: Barelli, Giuseppe (Via Baldanzese 127/b, 50041 Calenzano (FI), IT)

Publication Date: 13 Dec 2017


This abstract is provided to introduce a selection of concepts in a simplified form that are further described below in the Detailed System Description section. The abstract is not intended to identify key features of the claimed subject matter. Disclosed in this paper is a vehicle performance control device conceived to autonomously determine a safe, economic and eco-sustainable driving behaviour to reduce the mechanical stress, the wear and the maintenance cost of vehicles. The invention provides a vehicle performance control device arranged between the vehicle’s Pedal Interface (PI) including the cruise control, the speed limitation and the speed control systems, or a combination of these, and the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The control device autonomously and dynamically acts on the functional status of the cruise control, the speed limitation or the speed control system to modulate the vehicle’s performance. The performance is tuned depending on the current vehicle’s position, speed, acceleration, inclination and pose respect to the ground. For example, the vehicle’s max speed can be limited in specific geographic areas or during specific time intervals when the driver is supposed to drive improperly, excessively were off the vehicle, or parts of it, or stress the mechanics. The performance limitation can be turned off manually by the drivers for safety reasons, remotely by fleet’s managers or fleet’s management systems , or automatically by the system whenever the context requires the entire engine power to get the vehicle working properly. For example the engine performance will be not limited if the vehicle gets in an uphill over a certain inclination threshold to avoid stops due to torque outages. The control device embeds a communication unit able to connect to the internet, exchange data with personal computers, diagnostic tools or personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. The control device provides all the useful information for the estimation of the vehicle’s status, the driver’s behaviours and the induced mechanical stress and wear off. The communication unit is intended to exchange data for the monitoring of the vehicle’s status, its performance and for the tuning of the control unit’s strategy. The communication can be automatically scheduled by the system itself, attempted by the remote fleet’s managers or the fleet’s management systems, or performed by humans operators or the connected remote devices on requests. A human machine interface provides visual, acoustic or haptic feedbacks, or a combination of these, to the driver on the status of the control device, the estimated level of wear or mechanical stress induced on the vehicle or part of the vehicle, the drive safety, efficiency and the eco-sustainability.

3. US 9811818

Title: Wearable personal digital device for facilitating mobile device payments and personal use

Assignee: WORLD AWARD ACADEMY (Austin, TX, US),

WORLD AWARD FOUNDATION (Austin, TX, US)                 


Publication Date: 7 Nov 2017


Provided is a wearable personal digital device for point of healthcare saliva testing. The wearable personal digital device may comprise a processor, a display, biometric sensors, activity tracking sensors, a memory unit, a communication circuit, a housing, an input unit, a projector, a timepiece unit, a haptic touch control actuator, a band, a mounting clip, a saliva sample insert apparatus, a pinhole, a light emitting diode board, a battery, and a set of sensors. The processor may be operable to receive data from an external device, provide a notification to a user based on the data, receive a user input, and perform a command selected based on the user input. The housing may be adapted to enclose the components of the wearable personal digital device. The band may be adapted to attach to the housing and secure the wearable personal digital device on a user body.

4.US 9746847

Title: Operating arrangement

Assignee: Continental Automotive GmbH (Hannover, DE)

Publication Date: 29 Aug 2017


An operator control device includes an operator control element configured to provide haptic feedback to an operator. The operator control element is activatable by an input member of the operator and has: a first planar component; and a second planar component oriented in parallel with the first planar component, the first and second planar components being movable relative to one another. The first and second planar components are guidable between a position of rest and an activation position while maintaining their parallel orientation with respect to one another. In the activation position the distance between the first and second planar components is smaller than in the position of rest. The first and second planar components are spring loaded in the position of rest.

5.US 20170349119


Assignee: Eiland, Donald Curtis (Milpitas, CA, US)

Publication Date: 7 Dec 2017


The present invention relates generally to illuminated display devices and methods of displaying indicia, advertisements, etc. on a changeable illuminated display. The display device comprises a frame structure, a plurality of openings formed in the frame structure, the plurality of openings comprising first and second open spaces disposed at top and bottom positions, respectively, of the frame structure, and the plurality of openings further comprising a third open space disposed between the first and second open spaces. The display device further comprises a compact image display device operable to display an image, the compact image display device held and positioned relative to the frame structure such that first, second, and third different portions of the image, when displayed by the compact image display device, are visible through the plurality of openings first, second, and third open spaces, respectively. Additionally, control circuitry is coupled to the compact image display device.

haptic technology pdf, haptics definition, haptic device,

6.US 9563266

Title: Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures

Assignee: IMMERSIVE TOUCH, INC. (Westmont, IL, US)

Publication Date: 7 Feb 2017


The present technology relates to systems, methods and devices for haptically-enabled virtual reality simulation of cerebral aneurysm clipping, wherein a user uses two physical stations during the simulation. The first station is a haptic and augmented reality station, and the second station is a haptic and virtual reality station.

7.US 9679546

Title: Sound vest

Assignee: Not Impossible LLC (Venice, CA, US)

Publication Date: 13 June 2017


Vibratory motors are used to generate a haptic language for music or other sound that is integrated into wearable technology. The disclosed system enables the creation of a family of devices that allow people with hearing impairments to experience sounds such as music or other auditory input to the system. For example, a “sound vest” transforms musical input to haptic signals so that users can experience their favorite music in a unique way, and can also recognize auditory cues in the user’s everyday environment and convey this information to the user using haptic signals.

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Balancing PATENTS & Affordable DRUGS


Pharma Sector in India is caught in the debate over the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and access to affordable medicines. Affordable drugs are necessary and is a matter of great concern for the healthcare system. There is a need to refine the Drug policy in India in the light of growing concerns about patent filing in the pharma sector and access to cheap medicines.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights encourages companies to invest in research and development. Most companies invest in research and development so that they can reap profits from the product developed. Patenting the product or process ensures that others do not replicate the concerned product to gain a share of the potential profits. But the critics of enforcement of intellectual property rights in the pharma sector argue that patents encourage monopolies. The pharmaceutical companies who patent drugs can sell those drugs at quite high prices because of no competition involved in the marketing of the drug.

The incomplete understanding of intellectual property rights (IPRs) is the real issue that India’s drug industry is facing. Currently, only 5% of medicines used in India are said to be patent-protected. Breakthrough therapies are being developed in the world but why these therapies are not made available to India but are being introduced in other countries?

It is observed that the new drugs and therapies encounter delay in marketing approval in India despite their global launch. Moreover the new drugs that are launched in India are produced and sold as generic versions by Indian manufacturers within one year of their introduction. Generic medicines are the copies of brand name counterparts of drugs originally developed by other companies. The rapid appearance of generic versions of medicines and delays in marketing approval display a lack of faith in the patent regime.

Patents are important in innovative sectors like pharmaceutical industry as they provide incentives for companies to invest in those sectors. Investment in innovation, research and development is an essential component of supporting an innovative and enterprising economy.

In order to link medical innovation with affordable treatment  a supportive role by the Government is required. The government should design a price-control mechanism without tampering the grant of patents. The government should deploy tools to reduce uncertainty in Intellectual Property Rights and to build an ecosystem that promotes medical innovation. We must achieve a balance between the current and future needs of patients and the timely introduction of existing and new pharmaceutical drugs.