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Why Settle- REAL deal breaker in Industry 4.0 #Winpatents

Royalty dispute settled between Apple and Qualcomm with Patent Settlement Agreement

Agreeing to a conclusion and finding a way out is the REAL deal breaker in Industry 4.0. Recently, technology entities Apple and Qualcomm settled their ongoing dispute on the clause of what Royalty amount should be paid for the technology utilised. Intellectual property assets is the real deal and after signing the settlement agreement the market share pricing of Qualcomm jumped by 16 percent and Apple share also saw marginal improvement.

Intellectual property assets is the real deal.

What one can infer and learn for this dispute is finding a middle path is the KEY to attain WIN-WIN situation for both technology driven companies who are pioneers in manufacturing and doing research in modem chips that connect smartphones to wireless data networks.

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Finding a middle path is the KEY to attain WIN-WIN situation.

According to business standard article “Qualcomm alleged that Apple used its heft in the electronics business to wrongly order contract factories such as Hon Hai Precision Co Ltd’s Foxconn to withhold royalty payments from Qualcomm that Apple had historically reimbursed to the factories.

About Technology Savvy Author:

Patent Attorneys India, Patent Lawyers in india, patent expert in india

International Speaker speaking on Strategic Aspects of amalgamating technology, law and business in Industry 4 Spectrum Era. Active speaker at tech global conferences and actively participate in ITU Regulatory Workshops & Initiatives on SDGs. Problem SOLVER & Business Strategist with 13+ yrs exp.

Seasoned Patent Strategist with expertise in IP portfolio research, cross-border tech transactions, licensing agreements, product clearance, FTO opinion, patent infringement & invalidity, IPR R&D Consultancy.
Core practice: IP harvesting, patent drafting, patent searches, PCT National phase patent prosecution in India (drafting office action responses for USPTO, EPO, UKIPO) & International trademark registration in India under Madrid Protocol.

Technical expertise: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bigdata, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, ML, Software, Hardware, Therapeutic biologics, Agri biotech, Biosimilar drug, Plant Variety, Mechanical inventions, Electrical, Medical devices & Healthcare.

Go-to patent strategist for all time zones, be it new product launch in Asia, IP landscape across EU, freedom-to-operate analysis in Japan or patent invalidation for litigation in US.

Senior executive profile with featured publications: BBC World, Nature Group (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery), BusinessWorld, BioSpectrum Asia etc.

Previous work experience with US Law Firm headquartered in Greater New York City Area.

Engagement models: Hourly, project based, contractual consulting & monthly retainer.

Have successfully executed projects of every size in domain of pharmaceuticals, stents, diagnostic assays, computational, vaccines, antibodies, food enzymes, & cancer therapy.

IP counselling, legal advice & intersecting IP with competition laws, innovation, market-entry strategy & competitive intelligence.

For business advice, schedule a consultation: Connect and Share

AI Based Career Counselling Innovative Platforms, Ai patent lawyer, AI patent agent, AI patent attorney
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5G Spectrum: Roadmap Steps to Orient Innovation & 5G Deployment in Industry 4.0 #5GIndia #5G2020

The year 2020 will be the year of many surprises by all means. India is set to rule the global mark in next decade for all the good reasons and history has witnessed so many landmark activities happening for over last 3000 years. Arithmetically dividing 20 by 20 is equal to one. Understanding the number line game one denotes the starting of the stepping stone to channelise the right energy for the right outcome.

What to expect in 5G Network?

According to recent reports, commercial deployment of 5th generation (5G) telecommunication network is expected is roll out by 2020. In the current undertaking, telecommunication industry has substantially accepted that the 5th generation will be deployed by the year 2020 with a huge research and development investment in this direction to ensure safety. The agencies globally are understanding 5G and coming to a conclusive conclusion of standardisation and regulatory initiatives. On a global scale, European operators have decided to stick to the 5th generation telecommunication network launch in the early 2020s. Many telecommunication operators are predicting that the commercial availability of 5G is going to be implemented from the year 2020 and will be extended to 2025.

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Overview of Key 5G Technologies

• Massive mobile connectivity, that would enable enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB);

• Connectivity of millions of devices, that would enable massive machine type communication (mMTC);

• Resilient, instantaneous connectivity, that would enable ultra reliable and low latency communications (URLLC).

Why to Wait for 5G High Speed launch?

Before the launch of 5G telecommunication network in 2020, what is necessary for the enterprises globally is to examine safety parameters associated with the 5G telecommunication network beforehand and specify the quality control and quality assurance parameters related to the 5G technology.

Need of the hour: In order to conduct the quality control and quality assurance parameters of the 5G technology, an exploratory phase is required.

The exploratory phase is a phase conducted before the actual launch of a technology. The exploratory phase is designed in order to understand detailed requirements for 5G implementation and future systems to identify the most promising technical and technological options available in a cost effective manner. In India, the exploratory phase is starting this year amidst election campaigning happening in India.

5G Rollout in India

In the present scenario, humongous 5G trials and pilot projects are being implemented in different parts under controlled parameters. Moreover, 5G trials conducted in different parts of the world which includes Spain’s Ministry for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda. The current work is on a series of measures that are designed to promote the deployment of 5G throughout the country, including a tender in the 3.6 GHz and 1.5 GHz bands. Hence, after the announcement made by the Spain’s Ministry for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda there are three important bands that have been identified for harmonisation and to facilitate the launch of 5G in Europe:

• The 700 MHz band for sub 1 GHz spectrum;

• The 3.6 GHz band for spectrum between 1 GHz and 6 GHz; and,

• The 26 GHz band for above 6 GHz spectrum.

The spectrum band below 1Ghz is particularly useful for RF IOT applications. Innovative Apps for IOT or the internet of things, are typically low power. The Sub 1Ghz offers several advantages over the 2.4Ghz spectrum for such IOT applications.

In correlation with the 5G spectrum in Europe, India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in one of the statements has announced to open up new spectrum bands to facilitate ultra-high-speed 5G services. The condition kept forward to facilitate ultra-high-speed 5G services is a formal proposal from the telecommunication sector regulator. DoT also added that they are open to newer bands and a suggestion has to go to the telecommunication sector regulator, which can come up with its formal recommendations, although it has already proposed spectrum in the 3300-3600 MHz frequency range for 5Gtelecommunication network.

In the recent past, the airwave sale of 5G spectrum in India is proposed to be in the range of 3300-3600 MHz bands, besides the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 2,100 MHz, 2300 MHz and 2,500 MHz range. The guidelines for the next round of airwaves sale for 5gG spectrum is proposed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The frequency range auction as proposed by TRAI would be a total of 275 MHz in the 3300-3600 MHz frequency range.

TRAI has further proposed that 25 MHz spectrum (3400-3425 MHz), which is presently being used by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) should be allowed for 5G services after due negotiations with the space body to free up the spectrum. According to experts, spectrum allocation would be the most critical element in adoption of 5G mobile networks in India in the year 2019, given that telcos would need at least 100 MHz each for 5G enablement and deployment.

The task force indicated that India should open up the 698-803 MHz, 3300-3600 MHz, 24.25-27.5 GHz and 27.5-29.5 GHz bands for 5G deployment.

Recommendations are pouring in like raindrops and the Indian government is of the view and identified 617-698 MHz, 1427-1518 MHz, 29.5-31.3 GHz and 37.0- 43.5 GHz bands for potential 5G use. Currently, there is consideration that the 37.0 – 43.5 GHz bands should be offered free for two years to support indigenous research and development. The good news is that the committee said that most guidelines on regulatory matters should be in place by March 2019 to facilitate early 5G deployment.

The good news is that the committee said that most guidelines on regulatory matters should be in place by March 2019 to facilitate early 5G deployment.

At an international level, China government has granted 100MHz of 3.5MHz (or C-Band) spectrum to the telecom companies. China’s three major state-owned operators have been apportioned 5G spectrum in the mid-band range of frequencies. Second and third placed China Unicom and China Telecom were each granted 100MHz of 3.5MHz (or C-Band) spectrum, while China Mobile has been allocated 260MHz across the 2.6GHz and 4.8GHz bands. The allocation by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicates that wide-scale network testing will commence in early 2019, ahead of commercial 5G services launching in 2020.

Overview of China Implementation of 5G Trials

China’s IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group completed three phases of non-standalone (NSA) trials in October; it is currently halfway through standalone (SA) trials. China is also conducting three phases of 5G R&D testing, which began in 2016 and are planned for completion by the end of this year. Speaking to China Daily, the Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance’s secretary-general Yang Hua noted that setting 5G frequencies would facilitate 5G development for operators and vendors. He explained that changing the assigned frequencies often forces solutions and products to spend as much as ten additional months being redeveloped.

Role of 5G in Global Trend

There has been a massive increase in demand for connectivity driven by smartphones becoming a channel for consuming content such as music and video, running a large number of applications including payments and e-commerce, and remotely controlling devices of various types. The end goal is engagement and hooking to one or more online applications for social engagement.

About the Author

Prity Khastgir is working to intersect technology and law with the intent to provide opinion on new age laws which would be drafted in near future to take cognizance of multiple issues cropping in the world of internet. Prity is active at tech global conferences and actively participate in ITU 5G Regulatory Workshops, Spectrum Auction Seminars & Initiatives on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is commonly known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. In personal capacity, Prity is working on coding a new application to work on EMPATHY factor which is diminishing in recent years.

Problem SOLVER & Business Strategist with 13+ yrs experience. With a working experience of working 30,000++ working hours in different technologies right from microchip antenna to heat sinking issues in LEDs to writing patents for messaging mobile applications for every size of client across the world. Technology excites Prity and she loves to travel and meet people and experience LIFE in true sense. Prity is trained in international will-power techniques and believes that mind is the greatest gift of the universe. Currently, also working on INFINITY.


Indian Patent Agent Examination Coaching 2018 by Indian Patent Attorney
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Future is Today is Innovate #Benerd #DollarMind

Glory to be ahead of time is the QUESTION on the Intellectual Mind where rate of innovation is very high !!

Future is Today is Innovate, what is haptic, what is a haptic,device history of haptics

Where is omni-channel strategy heading in India. Business Wars are heating up the Indian Soil more than ever. Never in the history since the witness of Independent India one could dream the inflow of fiat currency in the virtual world.

What is the orbit of doing online internet business?

Since Bigdata is becoming the new mining oil to map the human mind to create virtual creatures just like the user, I believe humanity is entering a phase which will encounter results never known to mankind. One interesting fact out of the acquisition is the brand Future in terms of registered trademarks. After all the vision of seeing the future in present is able to gain traction and good revenue model. Wishing Mr. Biyani allthebest for this success.

Who is your shareholder and how you sink your thoughts with your stakeholder?

Exciting time to see that India is attaining global eyeballs !!

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Big data strategist , Data Strategy Best Practices, Digital Data Strategist
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Big Data Strategist for Identifying Pain Points

Big Data Strategist For Technology Research Companies

Big data strategist , Data Strategy Best Practices, Digital Data Strategist

The best part of the enormous #bigdata is the analysis of the data in a manner which can act as a fuel to impact other business models. The need of the hour is to enrich and fortify the #bigdata in a manner which becomes resourceful to make critical decisions in board meetings.

Prity is a Big data strategist for technology research consortium. With an hawk eye approach Prity is able to identify real-time technology developments. She believes in working in holistic view to identify licensing opportunities which are tailored to the need of Industry 4 Era.

Recently, Prity was part of  “4th Annual Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference: supporting ITU Asia-Pacific Regional Initiative on Spectrum Management” where she took keen interest in underlying principles of policy making in spectrum. Spectrum in the airwave of 700 MHz is going to play a crucial role for IoT based innovations in Industry 4.0 era.The event was supported by Forum Global alongwith Ministry of Sciency and ICT (MSIT) Republic of Korea, and aimed to bring together senior level staff from policy makers, regulators, Industry and academia for discussions on key spectrum management issues, including but not limited to:

  • Spectrum for IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Enabling efficient spectrum Management for IMT-Advanced spectrum
  • Meeting the IMT-2020 spectrum requirements of today and in future
  • WRC-19 – regional planning and preparations
  • Economic issues related to Spectrum
  • Delivering the digital economy through development national connectivity plans.

The Audacious move in the #SpectrumAuction is going to be different in near future. After the overview she had at #AsiaSpectrum Prity thinks and of the opine that there is lot to learn from our neighbours especially Bhutan.

Definitely airwave in the 700 MHz will be in demand.

The challenge is what will be the right price for a democratic country like India. The #Indiangovernment has to align the right approach to have a good consortium with the #telecomplayersinIndia

Big Data Scientist, Big Data Strategist, Policy Technology Research

Big data is definitely hot cake nowadays. One should not forget the food industry which has lot of potential and market in India. Finger foods and snacks will be funded by more investors in days to come. Congratulations to #Kishlayfoods who just raised USD 15 million to extend and launch more innovative products in near future in India. The current snack market in India is roughly about USD 8 billion. According to CAGR, the growth rate in this sector can be 20 % which I think is incredible #askpatentexpert #funding #innovationcoach


The analysis of Big data in technology research is going to play key role to provide new technical intelligence for innovation research in AI, ML, and Blockchain in Industry 4 era.

biodata, blockchain, facebook inc v winklevoss 2011, connectu vs facebook settlement, the facebook case, connectu v zuckerberg case brief

Happy to discuss opportunities with like minded MNC and corporates who would like to be part of a greater mission to solve massive problems to make life simpler.

What to do with #bigdataminingoil #bigdatastrategist #innovation #technology #business #education

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When will the patent agent exam be held in 2018, in India?

Power of Developing Intellectual Creativity #IndianPatentAgent2018

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2018 has been very resourceful and the world has witnessed global shift in INNOVATION and DISRUPTION

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights Globally Understanding Intellectual Property Rights Globally


The time has come to use your creativity to solve the mystery of creative minds.

Intellectual Property field is a field of infinite horizon capabilities.

The sad story in INDIA is Education System is totally BROKEN

The need of the hour is to work out a model to activate the GENIUS HIDDEN TALENT within the masses.

MY Mandate is simple to work with Intellectual MINDS which will Increase the Learning Curves of the Individuals

Join US in this revolution and add the Intellectual flame of interest in your life to light up creativity of inventors or “GENIUS GURU” in discovering your true potential in understanding inventions and Intellectual Property Rights.

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Just like the Software Programs (“Genes”) tell the brain to operate (How to process information) to achieve a Certain Goal.

Likewise, do you want to register yourself at Indian Patent office to become the Program (Genes) to assist the brain (Inventor) on how to draft and obtain patent for their invention?

Before actually channeling oneself into this, one has to quality the INDIAN PATENT AGENT EXAM.

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Aspiring individuals who want to become INDIAN PATENT AGENT 2018, you have to meet certain requirements to appear for the examination before the Indian Patent Office.

Nagpur Intellectual Property Patent Training 2018 #askpatentexpert #indianpatentagenttraining2018


You are eligible to become the patent agent in INDIA, if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Should be a citizen of India
  2. Should have attained minimum 21 years at the time of exam.
  3. To impart technical knowledge and skills, one should have obtained a degree in Science, engineering, or technology (M.Tech, B.Tech, M.Sc. and B.Sc) from any established university under Indian law or other specified equivalent qualification under central government .
  4. The final year candidates also are eligible on producing the mark sheets, final degree, etc., within two months from Patent Agent exam declaration result which they are appearing for.


After passing major hurdle just as in relay race “Patent Agent Examination”, one may apply for registering their name in the register of Patent Agent by making an application on Form-22 along with the following documents and prescribed fees as per the schedule. (Patents Act 1970 and Rules 2003 ( As Amended), see Section 126, Rule 109(1), 111 and 112.)

  1. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 3200
  2. For physical filling: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 3500

For continuance of the name of a person in the register of patent agents—

(i) for the 1st year to be paid along with registration :

  1. For e-filing : The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 800
  2. For physical filing: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 800

(ii) for every year excluding the 1st year to be paid on the 1st April in each year:

  1. For e-filing : The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 880
  2. For physical filing: The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 880.

After receiving the application along with the fee, the Controller will register his or her name in the register of Patent Agent and issue them a certificate

The patent agent should carry following particulars at the time of registeration:

  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. Original Character certificate duly attested.
  3.  Two Specimen Signatures.
  4. Attested copy of degree in Science, Engineering or Technology.
  5. Attested copy of document evidencing date of birth.
  6. Attested copy of document (evidencing citizenship)
  7. Copy of Result showing respective roll nos.

On application for duplicate certificate of patent agent under rule 111A,

a. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 1600

b. For physical filling:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup :1750

On application for restoration of the name of a person in the register of patent agents under rule 117(1)

a. For e-filing:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup: 1600 (Plus continuation fee under entry number 34)

b. For physical filling:The fees as per the schedule for Natural person(s) and/or startup :1750 ((Plus continuation fee under entry number 34)

Do you WANT to be an experienced patent lawyer/attorney or IP expert in India.

TCIS is facilitating the process of training GENIUS minds to work in intellectual property (especially patents). 

Tech Corp International strategist (TCIS), India is providing professional training course and course material in Patent Law and Practice for the aspiring aspirants who are appearing for Indian Patent Agent Examination 2018, to obtain qualifications necessary to practice as a Patent Agent under the Patent Act and Rules.

Ask your Patent Agent queries by using hashtag #askpatentexpert on twitter.

  • Everything YOU need to know about Intellectual Property Rights
  • Can I get a patent for my idea in India & Asia?
  • What is the scope of the intellectual property law in India & Asia?
  • Can I patent a business model in India & Asia?

Is it possible to file a patent for a business idea in India & Asia?

Schedule #claritycalltoday

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Monsanto Plea to Enforce BT Cotton Seed Patent

intellectual property law, Monsanto patent lawyer, Monsanto patent agent, Monsanto patent attorney

India is a population of 1.35 billion people. I personally believe we need to draw a line as to what is the best price for #Monsanto technology sub-licence fees. The intent of Monsanto was to charge a higher trait fee under the sub-licence given to the Indian companies to use its seed technology.

Draw a line as to what is the best price for #Monsanto technology sub-licence fee

Any technology company entering India should see the holistic picture and see the quantity of its outreach to the mass population.

According to the judgement, the three Indian companies would pay trait fees to Monsanto according to government-set rates. #goodjudgement #Iamimpressed


how to start branding yourself

Meet the International Business Strategist: click here  

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Innovations in Haptic Patents

haptics technology, haptic technology examples, haptic technology ppt,

The idea of getting patents is a good moves from the point of view of enforcing the patent rights. Let’s talk about haptic technology patented by Immersion. U.S. Patent No. 8,619,051 titled ‘Haptic Feedback System and Stored Effects‘ which deploys feedback to a device by responding with a vibration and the ability to store the feedback patterns and effects. 

International Patent Classifications, haptic patents immersion

Important International Patent Classifications Identified by the Patent Examiner in this Patented Innovation:

G06F3/041 Digitisers, e.g. for touch screens or touch pads, characterised by the transducing means
G06F3/016 Input arrangements with force or tactile feedback as computer generated output to the user
H04M19/04 Current supply arrangements for telephone systems providing ringing current or supervisory tones, e.g. dialling tone, busy tone ringing-current generated at substation
H04M19/048 Arrangements providing optical indication of the incoming call, e.g. flasher circuits


haptic technology , healthcare, transportation, haptic robotics

Haptic devices incorporate microcontrollers, drivers, actuators or motors, as well as software for multimodal experiences that improve the usability by engaging touch, sound and sight. Haptics is widely becoming a tool used in a variety of applications they can be found in virtual reality applications to give a greater sense of realism or create a 3D environment. The haptic technology has been found in smartphones and computer and video games for many years but the innovations utilizing haptic technology is now integrating haptic technology into healthcare, transportation, robotics etc.  

Some of the recent patents based on haptic technology:

1.US 9829995

Title: Eye tracking to move the cursor within view of a pilot

Assignee: Rockwell Collins, Inc. (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2017


The present disclosure is directed to a method for managing a location of a cursor on a display. The method may include the step of receiving an input from a user. The method may also include the step of detecting a gaze of the user within the display. The method may also include the step of displaying the cursor on the display within the gaze of the user.

who owns blockchain patent, ibm blockchain patent, mastercard blockchain patent

5.US 20170349119


Assignee: Eiland, Donald Curtis (Milpitas, CA, US)

Publication Date: 7 Dec 2017


The present invention relates generally to illuminated display devices and methods of displaying indicia, advertisements, etc. on a changeable illuminated display. The display device comprises a frame structure, a plurality of openings formed in the frame structure, the plurality of openings comprising first and second open spaces disposed at top and bottom positions, respectively, of the frame structure, and the plurality of openings further comprising a third open space disposed between the first and second open spaces. The display device further comprises a compact image display device operable to display an image, the compact image display device held and positioned relative to the frame structure such that first, second, and third different portions of the image, when displayed by the compact image display device, are visible through the plurality of openings first, second, and third open spaces, respectively. Additionally, control circuitry is coupled to the compact image display device.

haptic technology pdf, haptics definition, haptic device,

6.US 9563266

Title: Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures

Assignee: IMMERSIVE TOUCH, INC. (Westmont, IL, US)

Publication Date: 7 Feb 2017


The present technology relates to systems, methods and devices for haptically-enabled virtual reality simulation of cerebral aneurysm clipping, wherein a user uses two physical stations during the simulation. The first station is a haptic and augmented reality station, and the second station is a haptic and virtual reality station.

The first thought that comes to creative intellectual mind in Industry 4 Era is Internet and combination with so many souls in the online world. What is Software? What is Software-Hardware Product? How to deploy Software-Hardware Patents?