Importance of DDRS Delhi Dispute Resolution Society

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The Delhi Dispute Resolution Society (DDRS) is one-of-its-kind initiative in the country by the Delhi government’s department of Law, Justice and legislative for alternative dispute resolution by way of mediation and conciliation in both pre and post–litigation cases.

The idea is to take the burden off the courts and help parties resolve their disputes amicably, economically and quickly for bringing greater social harmony.

Mediation is an assisted negotiation process and is conducted by a neutral third party- the mediator.

It aims at providing mutually acceptable solutions that satisfy the needs and interest of both the parties saving time and money wasted in long drawn litigation process.

Through, the Mediation process is informal it has a definite structure which addresses both the legal issues and the underlying cause of the dispute. Mediator establishes communication between the parties by winning their trust in the process and ultimately helps them generate options for amicable settlement.

Delhi Dispute Resolution Society (DDRS) has a number of Mediation Centres. Any or both the parties to a dispute, whether pending in court or not, have the liberty to approach any of the centres for resolution of their disputes.

It is a free of cost procedure in which the applicant has to submit an application giving the details of the dispute with a self attested valid photo ID-proof and documents related to the dispute. The applicant also has to provide the address and the contact details of the opposite party. The date for mediation is allotted within 15 days of filing the request for mediation. Most cases are settled within 30 minutes to 60 minutes. However every case is different. A complex issue, may require 3 to 4 sessions or may be more spread over a week to a month.

After a dispute is sorted out, DDRS issues a settlement letter to both the parties with the terms of settlement. However, the disputed parties retain control over the outcome of the dispute and may withdraw from mediation proceeding at any stage before its termination.

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Our team at TCIS, India consists of experienced professional patent researchers, patent strategists, law experts and mediators who are experts and have experience in performing more than 2200+ patent searches in all technological domains.

Our technological THINKING GEEKS experts provide their assistance to gain a clear perspective over technical as well as market difficulties that Your PATENT may face while launching and entering into a country. 

We at TCIS, India have a well renowned team of Lawyers, Attorneys and technology savvy litigators of Delhi/ NCR who have vast experience of more than 12++ years.  We at TCIS, India have inspiring and tireless mediators who have successfully completed mediation in disputes related to co-founder disputes, company disputes, mediation is website ownership, trademark infringement, commercial disputes, patent infringement, intellectual property disputes, disputes in corporate sectors and trademark commercial disputes

We at TCIS, India BELIEVE mediation is a voluntary and a non-coercive form of conflict management, wich is highly practical within the intricate dynamics of international relations, dominated by the principles of preservation of actors, independence and haptonomy.

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