Our Intellectual Creative Technological Services For International Genius Minds

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Our Indian law firm provides intellectual property law support services to domestic and foreign clients. We offer cost-effective IP consulting services in all areas of intellectual property law ( patents, trademarks, utility model or design) in India. The law firm works 365/24/7 and offers customized full services to wide array of clients from fortune 500 companies to mid size foreign intellectual property law firms. Over the years, we take pride in creating value for the customer.

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Company Legal Services to Startups in India

The most important thing before pulling up a startup is selecting a legal form of conducting business. It is indispensable to determine whether you want to have a private limited company, public limited company, partnership firm, or a limited liability partnership, depending on your long-term goals and vision.

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International Copyright Filing Services

The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886) is an International Agreement which deals with the protection of the literary and artistic work of the authors.

Patent search outsourcing India Services for Idea Protection | Indian Patent Search Cost & Legal Analysis Opinion

DO YOU want to obtain patents for your innovation / Idea / technology ? Review the present positive law rules for obtaining patents in ANY COUNTRY

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Patent lawyers at Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), India understand and review the technology and business in depth the and provide various patent related services including Patent Laws, Technology Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Patent filing services in India.

Replying to TRADEMARK Objections

A Trademark is a type of intellectual property protection, under which a word, phrase, visual symbol and/or design used by a company to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different company can be protected. A trademark registration will confer an exclusive right and legal certainty to the use of registered trademark by the right holder.

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Innovation Startup India Strategist

Providing International Patent Filing Services & Patentability Searches | Intellectual Property Law Firm in India International Patent filing law firm in India having a team of IPR attorneys. We provide international patent searches to inventors worldwide. Our patent searching services include novelty patent searches, patentability searches, freedom to operate searches, market entry patent search and patent… Continue reading