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Prity Khastgir

Founder &  Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) for your Startup IDEA. Investor incubating GREAT IDEAS and grow the startups. Assisting enterprise to enter and find RIGHT Angels, and VCs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and India.

Helping Startups to Raise Funds & Assisting Foreign Companies to find Right Business Partner in India.

‎Strategic Patent Lawyer Advise | TECH: #BIGDATA, Pharma, Software, Biotech, Chem, MedExpert | INDIAN Certified Mediator * Handle National Phase Patent PCT Filing in India

Prity is a recognized patent expert in intellectual property in India with 12+ years of a diversified professional Indian, USPTO, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and international experience in all verticals of intellectual property law and business in India.

Prity has the experience in assisting World’s Leading Intellectual Property Law Firms in US and ASEAN countries. She is a renowned patent strategist known to Startups in India.

Founder and CEO of  TECH CORP LEGAL LLP, a leading patent law firm and IP advisory firm in India. WITH a VISION to focus on Intellectual property (IP) strategies and patent monetization, Prity has incorporated India’s FIRST Patent brokering and IP advisory firm focusing on generating IP strategies from existing businesses in India.

India’s FIRST Patent brokering and IP advisory firm focusing on generating IP strategies from existing businesses in India.

Startup India MISSION

Identifying RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNER and patent monetization by licensing the patented inventions and innovations in India and globally by filing International patent applications before WIPO, Geneva.

Prity was directly involved in the patent drafting of over 3000 ++patents which generated returns for the foreign innovators in tens of millions of dollars, while conducting several Intellectual Property strategies, developing patent portfolios by identifying gaps in the business model, performing freedom to operate (FTO) studies for Market launch in India and IP landscape studies for various clients.

Founder and principal of  TECH CORP LEGAL LLP, a boutique PATENT law firm in India where Prity advises technology and software e-commerce, Iot companies with an emphasis on business branding and intellectual property related counselling for developing a STRONG trademark portfolio for achieving the long term goals of her clients.

Healthcare IoT Startups patent lawyer attorney in India
IoT system health monitoring, Startup India Strategist

Patent integrated Iot based Sensor Systems for patient care in India

How to use Iot systems for patient care in India?

There is a gap in the healthcare industry to provide 24 x 7 monitoring of patients in real time. The current situation is the synergy and integration of traditional healthcare providers who are using Internet of things (Iots) based systems to treat their patients across the globe.

An Internet of Things (IoT) may include several electronic devices or gadgets connected with Internet. Electronic devices are capable of understanding and processing data according to user needs. These electronic devices can effectively communicate with other devices or nearby systems. However, these electronic devices demand frequent and periodic service and maintenance. Failing to service or maintenance may cause serious hardware malfunction of these electronic devices.

Conventional service and maintenance approach include manual activities such as getting connected to an appropriate call center, providing device related details and issues, lodging a complaint and following with follow-up calls to a technician. The above mentioned activities can be time consuming in nature and may take days or months to get resolved.

BE SMART by using Internet of things (Iots) Technologies to solve Assisted care / home care patients to meet the end goals

Privacy issues with #Bigdata generated by Internet of things (Iots) based inventions

Healthcare IoT Startups In Patient Monitoring Patents in India

SAP SE (Walldorf, DE)  has filed a patent application titled “GENERATING PREDICTIVE MODELS TO RECONFIGURE ELECTRONIC DEVICES” in United States bearing patent application number 20170147928 filed on 11/24/2015.

Various embodiments of systems and methods for generating predictive models are described herein. A computer system deployed in a distributed may receive configuration data from multiple electronic devices. The system may select a set of configuration data with respect to a device category and a subcategory to generate a prediction model. The predictive model includes hypothesis, an average deviation and information pertaining to optimal configuration data for the given subcategory and the device category. The computer system may also receive monitoring requests from electronic devices and retrieve appropriate predictive model with respect to the device category and subcategory. The system may reconfigure the electronic device based on the retrieve predictive model.

Innovation ecosystem in India is developing at an exponential curve

According to Anjan Bose, healthcare is a like jigsaw puzzle. Human body is affected by agony when the person is suffering from any ailment.

Protect Privacy of Patient data * Digital Transformation in Patient Care

Use of blockchain & AI in securing the data generated in the process of using the Internet of things (Iots) based inventions

Need to Patent Innovative Internet of things (Iots) based Inventions

Securing innovative sensors based network research technologies in India and globally depending upon the market of the technology.  Traditional doctors should be encouraged  to use Iot inventions.

Prity Khastgir is a healthcare IoT startup strategist. Core practice includes patent drafting, patent searches (patent analytics), PCT National phase patent prosecution in India (drafting office action responses for USPTO, EPO, UKIPO) & International trademark registration in India under Madrid Protocol.

Technical expertise: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bigdata, Internet of Things (IoT), Software, Hardware, Therapeutic biologics, Agri biotech, Biosimilar drug, heating systems, Plant Variety Protection, Food Sc, Mechanical inventions, Electrical, Medical devices & Healthcare.

Go-to patent consultant for all time zones, be it new product launch in Asia, IP landscape across EU, freedom-to-operate analysis in Japan or patent invalidation for litigation in US.

Senior executive profile with featured publications: BBC World, Nature Group (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery), BioSpectrum Asia etc.

Previous work experience with US Law Firm headquartered in Greater New York City Area.