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Indian Startups to Raise Funds & Assisting Foreign Companies to find Right Business Partner in India


Indian Patent monetization by IP licensing the patented inventions and innovations in India. Discuss your Business Canva with our STRATEGIST

Software Iot Business Entrepreneur & Product Strategist for IPR Business in India

Prity Khastgir

Founder &  Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) for your Startup IDEA. Investor incubating GREAT IDEAS and grow the startups. Assisting enterprise to enter and find RIGHT Angels, and VCs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and India.

Helping Startups to Raise Funds & Assisting Foreign Companies to find Right Business Partner in India.

‎Strategic Patent Lawyer Advise | TECH: #BIGDATA, Pharma, Software, Biotech, Chem, MedExpert | INDIAN Certified Mediator * Handle National Phase Patent PCT Filing in India

Prity is a recognized patent expert in intellectual property in India with 12+ years of a diversified professional Indian, USPTO, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and international experience in all verticals of intellectual property law and business in India.

Prity has the experience in assisting World’s Leading Intellectual Property Law Firms in US and ASEAN countries. She is a renowned patent strategist known to Startups in India.

Founder and CEO of  TECH CORP LEGAL LLP, a leading patent law firm and IP advisory firm in India. WITH a VISION to focus on Intellectual property (IP) strategies and patent monetization, Prity has incorporated India’s FIRST Patent brokering and IP advisory firm focusing on generating IP strategies from existing businesses in India.

India’s FIRST Patent brokering and IP advisory firm focusing on generating IP strategies from existing businesses in India.

Startup India MISSION

Identifying RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNER and patent monetization by licensing the patented inventions and innovations in India and globally by filing International patent applications before WIPO, Geneva.

Prity was directly involved in the patent drafting of over 3000 ++patents which generated returns for the foreign innovators in tens of millions of dollars, while conducting several Intellectual Property strategies, developing patent portfolios by identifying gaps in the business model, performing freedom to operate (FTO) studies for Market launch in India and IP landscape studies for various clients.

Founder and principal of  TECH CORP LEGAL LLP, a boutique PATENT law firm in India where Prity advises technology and software e-commerce, Iot companies with an emphasis on business branding and intellectual property related counselling for developing a STRONG trademark portfolio for achieving the long term goals of her clients.

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Patenting filing India by Best Patent Intellectual Property firm in India Global PCT * Patent Writing Services

Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), India is an international intellectual property patent law firm in India providing patent writing services to clients and inventors across the globe.

New & innovative invention consultancy services by expert IPR attorneys & patent agents in India.

Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), India is an international law firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law, and we connect with patent attorneys in all the important Intellectual Property jurisdictions worldwide including US, Europe, UK, China, Singapore and Malaysia. We have expert intellectual property (IP) patent attorneys to perform patent searches and file PCT patent applications before the Indian Patent Office.

Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), India partners with the best technology thinking geek startups, international & domestic entrepreneurs based India which is a vital part of Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS) approach to accelerate the growth of technology innovation.

Commercial Business Mediation in India by Supreme Court Lawyer

Patent lawyers, Patent agents, thinking geeks  at Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), India understand and review the technology and business in depth and provide various patent related services including Patent Laws, Technology Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Patent filing services in India.


Patent experts at Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS) assist in writing patent applications to be filed before Indian Patent Office (IPO), United States Patent office (USPTO)Our Indian patent law firm helps in resolving all the matters that affect startups and technology companies.

We believe in devoting TIME by providing services customized services to help our clients to achieve success according to their specific requirements. 

Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS) is one of the Leading Intellectual Property (IP) Patent Law Firm in India.

To protect intangible assets in the current global scenario is very vital, for all technology and research institutions. We at TCIS, India believe in serving our global clientele by helping them to build and protect THEIR important intellectual property (IPR) assets which includes patent protection in India, brand protection by trademark filling Brand strategist & trademark patent attorney in Indiain India, copyright and industrial design filing in India.

WE provide premium services in Mobile Applications, Social Media, Cyber Laws and Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Food & Healthcare.

We at Tech Corp International Strategist maintain corporate headquarters in Aerocity, New Delhi, India and counsels both foreign and domestic clients. Please take a closer look at our website and contact the strategic firm for assistance. 

Tech Corp International Strategist offers a global reach and extensive experience in working for Fortune 100 companies and drafted more than 1000+ patent specifications for global companies, foreign Universities, and Law firms and have strong association with foreign lawyers in more than 50 countries.

We have a team of techno-legal lawyers and Intellectual property patent lawyers having an experience of 12++ years.

obtain patents for your innovation Idea technology in India

We also have seasoned patent researchers who have experienced both the scientific and research sides of the industry. Together, we at TCIS,India have conducted 5000+ patent searches and worked with In-house counsels in executing more than 100 successful Intellectual Property based projects which have helped the global companies to close M&A transactions worth over $5 billion in medical healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Currently, we maintain a close relationship with more than 100+ companies around the world.

Value Proposition

We are also proud that more than 95% of our global clients have returned for repeat legal corporate advisory services and patent related services. Our team of techno-legal professionals have a diverse science and legal background of both corporate advisory and Intellectual Property experience. To Read about our client testimonials: Click Here

We represent and assist technology companies and startups at all stages of research and development, including Protection of Technology by Patents, Brand Name Protection by Trademarks, Protection of Intellectual Assets by Copyrights and Industrial Designs, Strategic Transactions, Public Offerings, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

We also represent and assist startups and investors in venture capital financing.  We advise many entrepreneurs from initial company formation to liquidity event.

Our Intellectual property patent lawyers assist technology companies in various sectors including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices, telecommunications, web 2.0, mobile applications, semiconductors, software, social media, cloud computing, networking, clean tech, digital media, video games, virtual worlds and food tech sector including tea, alcohol, bakery products and restaurants.

In case you wish to obtain customized intellectual property services, please feel free to mail us at