What is the difference between a utility and design patent?

How much does it cost to get a utility patent?

What does a patent protect you from?

What are the different types of patents?

Utility Patent Definition 

18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology. Important inventions were docketed in that era. To protect important innovations and ideas Intellectual property rights were formed by the law makers.

In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind.

What Is Utility Patent?


Filing a utility patent requires money and is important for protecting YOUR patent innovation. For a startup to invest his money in patenting utility product, filing cost of utility patent is a very important factor.

Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), an Indian patent law strategy firm provides patent services for utility patents in India.

Before investing in any business venture, common question which arises in investor’s mind is that whether there are any proprietary utility patent rights filed and/or granted for their business idea.

Does India offer utility model protection?
What is Utility Model protection ?

Utility patent has numerous benefits associated with it and an investor might not invest if there is no patent and intellectual property rights associated with the innovative idea.




An idea if not protected can be easily copied or stolen by any third party.

Does India offer Utility protection?

India does not offer protection under utility patents. A startup or other Indian companies which seek utility patent protection can apply for a utility patent in US or in other countries like Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Malaysia, Spain, UAE, Greece, Poland, Peru, Kuwait, Portugal, Georgia.  

Startups and entrepreneurs have minimal financial resources in initial phase of launching their invention and business idea in market.

utility patent india
A utility patent protects an inventor’s intellectual property

The need of the hour is to find a low cost patent professional who can guide with the filing of utility patent. At Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS), we have a team of patent lawyers and patent professionals who can assist you to determine the patentability of your invention and and filing of Utility Patent.

A utility model is similar to a patent
Who should apply for utility model protection?

Utility Patent cost fees in USA

The cost of filing a utility patent will depend on the technology details and will include the cost of writing utility patent by patent attorney and basic filing official USPTO fees.

The average cost of writing utility patent that includes writing patent claims by patent attorney will be US dollar 1500 to USD 2500 which will vary if the patent is drafted by US patent attorney or outsourced to expert vendor in India who work in collaboration with US patent lawyers. The patent applicant status will determine the basic filing official USPTO fees.

The Utility patent paper filing fee before the USPTO filing counter is US dollar 280.00 for legal entity, USD 140.00 for Small entity and US dollar 70.00 for Micro entity status. The Utility patent filed electronically will cost US dollar 280.00 for legal entity, USD 70.00 or Small entity and US dollar 70.00 for Micro entity status. . For more details of a utility patent application, consult a patent attorney today legal_desk@patentbusinessidea.com. 

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